Step one do not put pens near your printer paper

Hey Kids and Adults!

Welcome to my new blog! As you may already gather from the name of this blog..this blog is going to be primarily a (ongoing) coming of age blog. Adulting doesn’t just end when you are working, have a family or are over 30…But I think it’s something that is ongoing throughout life…as you get older, you acquire wisdom. I very much want to ask older people how they are able to cope with their changing lifestyles in term of health, limitations and the prospect of dying.. I don’t have the guts to do that…

But yeah…I guess depending on who you talk to will determine what kind of answers you may get. If you talk to an optimistic person who has lived their life doing good things. travelled the world and has many memorable memories… they may be content to leave this earth with little or no regrets…But if you talk to that scornful, arrogant, selfish and now lonely old person, they be full of regrets, hatred and wishful thinking..


I don’t know where I lie..but prob somewhere between them both…depending on the day..but I feel like I did live my life with somewhat no regrets…yes I made some reckless decisions and sometimes that has affected my relationships…but in a way that is me growing up and making my own decisions and I have to live with the consequences…Because the worse thing you want is…perhaps find the one person you might love…and feel trapped…trapped in that you cannot be yourself..


And hence there are both pros and cons of being either single or in a relationship and I am lucky enough to have experiences of both and discreetly like both.


I feel this is heading into the wrong direction…


anyway back to the moral of this post..
Being an adult sometimes trying to fix stupid things we did by accident. So this morning I had a heap of stuff on top of my printer, one which included a pen….As I was moving my stuff off the printer…my pen rolled into the printer via the paper chute…SHOOT i thought..how can i get it out..my hands couldn’t quite reach it // if what it pushed it deeper into my printer T_T my favourite pen! And also my printer is probably not going to work with a pen inside…

Anyways after 10 minutes of non-sucessful trying the same thing of using my hands.. I finally resigned and unplugged the printer and turned it upside down on the floor and shook it…hopefully didn’t break my printer//that didn’t work///but unplugging did allow me to actually see the pen better..and eventually with some shoving and weird awkward hand movements i finally managed to get the pen out…HALLELUJAH


This is adulthood/// trying to fix and solve problems you don’t learn in uni…:O

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