#2 Being adult means you have to learn to say “No”!

Whether that is saying no to yourself, your boss, your family, your lover or to whatever/whoever..

It learning that you don’t ‘have’ to do as many things as you once thought…

“I’ll get my head chopped off if I went on a holiday!” Is what somebody said to me yesterday…this is for a volunteering role that a friend was doing… She is not even getting PAID a cent..and yet she is very committed to her job ..kudos for that!

She is probably more committed than those who have a job that they hate, yet get paid. Funny how it’s hard to win in both worlds..do a job you love but don’t get paid..or…do a job where you get paid but you hate it..

Such is life..but this blog was not made to complain…but to understand..as adults sometimes we have to say N -O even when it is hard, even when we want to say Y-E-S…but saying Y-E-S would not be in our best interests, or their best interests or the best interests for you both..


Saying yes to more work , when you are already at peak stress levels is a bad idea … but you feel guilty for saying yes I hear?  Don’t worry…been there …done that… and it does not usually end well..usually ends badly with someone having a nervous breakdown and it is ugly…

You don’t have time to relax, to breathe or to spend with your family or friends…you feel you have “no life” and you ask yourself is it really worth it after all?

Maybe or maybe not?

When your crying baby or child is asking you for a chocolate bar…or MacDonalds..does saying “NO” a good thing? Yes, because you are setting them up for a healthy life style ! Every now and then is fine…as a treat…but you can’t let them get their way every time… ! Otherwise they will manipulate you and cry every time at the supermarket.

T here are some friends that want to go out ALL the time…literally wasting money….if it was a catchup for a reason..yeah..but if it’s just that they want to eat after every time you play badminton or something…you can say “NO” otherwise money will drip from your wallet and leak on to the floor…literally …You get what I mean… Plan how many times you are able to go out a week and try to make them not so expensive places..!

It is okay to say…can we go somewhere cheaper? Especially if you are like me….A (soon to be) poor uni student again TT_TT.. hahaaaaa

I know when I was working I wasn’t very smart with money…always eating out and wasting money on expensive snacks…like dried mangoes… sooo unnecessary and expensive… It’s time to learn how to bulk buy and portion control and to look for those special and deals…to save money…because this is called “Smart Money using”

Budgeting tools also help as well to track your spending..I try to ask for a receipt everytime I buy something and then I record it later on my “Pocket Expense” App. This is a free app…I aint got money for paid apps T_T (anymore)  ..You can set monthly budgeting amounts for different items such as “eating out” or “petrol”…some is hard to control…like petrol..it fluctuates sadly.. (super expensive atm!) but things like eating out…you can try cut that down and see how much you actually spend on food! its a lot of money..!

I also record gym membership costs, mobile phone costs, car financing (just finished!) , health insurance and whatever costs i need for medications, appointments and etc..

It’s good to see where your money goes and see how you can save…!


It’s something that is worth doing if you aren’t good with money like me…!!  it can also be fun to find ways to save ..i.e. going to multiple pet stores to check out the costs of their turtle food ! it ranges from $5-$9 a block…its $4 each blog which lasts roughly two weeks..its money saved..if i wanted to save even MORE money..I should really give away or try sell my turtles.. but yes leave that for another day for a blog about smart “Owning a Pet”.


I think that’s all for today folks ! I’ll see you next time, have a good week till then!


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