Work as a hobby?

In the future, people may look back at us and wonder why we used to work?

Is it our purpose in life to find a job and contribute to society?

Is life meaningless if we do not work?

If we spent all our time on holidays and relaxing…would that bet he ideal life?

Then, who is going to make our  holiday possible? If everyone was on holiday?

How does a society function?

Are we supposed to replace all human form and life with robots?

Who knows..?

Will we be bored, forever on holidays….would we work as a hobby?

Instead of it being a rare thing to pursue your hobby as your career, what is if it was the rare thing that we worked in a job we hated?

Would we all be more passionate in our jobs? Whatever we do?

Some people like to clean, some people like to cook, some people like to help people…

What would our reward be? If money wasn’t necessary anymore?

Would we do it out of the kindness of our heart or because we have to?

What if volunteering was the norm and people looked like you were crazy for devoting so much time to something and getting paid for it.

What is the perfect society to be like?

Because we all know what is wrong with the world today, but do we even know what a perfect society would be?


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