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Happy New Year- Hello 2019 introverts!

Howdy! Hope everyone had a decent new year…whatever be it they have I’ve been slack..haven’t blogged since last year!! Golly gosh.

I just wanted to put it out there..if some people enjoy staying at home, watching tv or sleeping during New Years EVE. I just wanted to say that, you aren’t weird, you aren’t a loner, and you don’t need to be like everyone else.

In a society that favours the extroverted people, New Year Eve celebrations is supposed to be about people drinking, going out, partying and getting wasted by the end of the night. But some people, like myself, need to work the next day and prefer to sleep ASAP after the final countdown.

I feel like I am getting old, it’s terrible trying to stay up all night…I already do that regardless whether I am out or not 😦

Introverted individuals are not flawed, they are just different..and they like to be quiet. Quietness is their friend, going to noisy and overcrowded places with too many people …just ain’t their thing. They rather skip the traffic jam, the crowds at the shop and buy things online!

Anyways, I hope you all will have a wonderful 2019 and I look forward to writing more posts-hopefully interesting- in the future!

Stay Tuned,

Have a Jolly day xD

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